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Supply of pipe line tubes

The date of publication 06/16/2019


N° CS-SH-EP-DP-AT/05/18/T

SONATRACH/ Exploration-Production Activity/Production Division / Procurement and Transport Direction, located at 08 chemin du reservoir Hydra, Alger, launches an international selective consulation for :


Only tenderers invited by Sonatrach / Division Production to participate to this selective consultation are called to submit their application

The file of selective consultation is available at following address below, against payment of a non-refundable fee of five hundred (500) USD:

SONATRACH / Exploration-Production / Division Production
Bureau Retrait des cahiers des charges – Entrée N° 3
10, Rue du Sahara – Hydra – ALGER,

The payment will be made by bank transfer to the bank account of:
SONATRACH – DP N° 002.00005.0503264125.56
Agence BEA, Djenane El Malik, Hydra. Alger

The proof of payment for the withdrawal of the selective consultation file should be made payable to the name of the tenderer

This selective consultation is carried out in two phases.

As the first step, the technical tenders, with no reference to price, must be delivered to the following address:

SONATRACH/ Exploration-Production /Division Production
Direction Approvisionnements et Transport
Bureau d’Ordre – Poste de Garde
08 Chemin du Réservoir, Hydra, Alger, Algérie

The time period to Tenderers for transmit their technical Tenders is forty-five (45) days of the publication of this notice (the day of publication included) in the B.A.O.S.E.M. (paper format)

The authentic seal of « bureau d’ordre général de la Division Production ou de la cellule gestion et suivi des appels d'offres - bureau n° L225 » shall prevail.

Any tender received after 3:30 PM local time (GMT+1) the day of the deadline for submission of tenders will be considered null and void.

In the event that the closing date coincides with a holiday and/or a legal holiday, the folds can be deposited the next business day.

Under the first phase, Technical tenders are backed up, with obligatory bid guarantee.
attached to each batch, in an amount determined as follows:

Lot N° Montant (US Dollar)
2-1 2 000,00
2-2 39 400,00
2-3 194 000,00
2-4 190 000,00
3-1 248 000,00
3-2 279 000,00
4-1 218 000,00
4-2 180 500,00
6 203 000,00
11 144 000,00
13-1 3 000,00
13-2 56 000,00
13-3 12 000,00

Envelopes, under the first phase, will be opened in presence of only the representative(s) of tenderers who have submitted an offer and wish to attend the opening session, which will be invited.

Tenderers whose technical offer has been declared compliant, will be invited to submit a financial offer.

Notification will be sent to tenderers whose technical offer has been declared non-compliant.

Envelopes, under the second phase, will be opened in presence of representative(s) of tenderers who wish to attend the opening session, which will be invited.

Tenderers remain committed by their tenders during 180 days from the date of the opening of the folds containing the technical offers.

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